4 Reasons Why To Shop The Top Rated Dispensary In Kansas City

Jessica Thompson — 2 days ago · 2 min read
Everybody loves a good deal. But for most people the excitement is often short lived, especially after checkout.

Here at Your Local Dispo, we review the best dispensaries in each city and find unique ways that you can save on your favorite products.

Remember the feeling of going to birthday parties in grade school and getting a goodie bag? That feeling will be restored when you shop with Local by gifting a free T-shirt and other merchandise just for stepping foot in the door.

That’s not the only reason why we gave this dispensary our top review though! What if there was a way to save 10-25% on fresh products every single week?

Local Dispensary Company, a brand new neighborhood dispensary, is making that possible by introducing their Local Rewards Program.

Local Dispensary Company is a must see attraction in the heart of Kansas City, MO; with a passion for customer service and a diversity of products that is right for your medical needs.

Why wait? By registering now to our Local Rewards Program get 15% off your next order!

Key Benefits

  • Exclusive Offers: Select pricing on great items every week/month and various member-only deals.
  • Year Round Surprises: First surprise will be immediate because each new customer gets a goodie bag of Local Swag!
  • ​VIP Treatment: Early notification of upcoming sales, events, and new product announcements / restocks.
  • ​Personalized Recommendations: Get customized recommendations from budtenders based on your order history.
ALL OF THIS on top of saving every week with a special staff pick announcements.

Supporting your local dispensary has never been so rewarding. Join the fun today and shop local!
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